Understanding how your prospect needs to be addressed and how they process information is crucial to a strong seller/buyer relationship.

I cannot stress this enough.

It’s vital that you take time to master a few simple techniques. This will help you have a conversation with your prospect that is so much better than the one he had with the previous seller. He’s warmed to you so much more and probably doesn’t even know why…

In short, understanding how your prospect is wired so that;

  1. They listen to you. Attentively.
  2. They get you and you get them.
  3. You understand exactly what they need to hear and how you should deliver it.

This will make the difference between winning that new client and walking away wondering if dropping your prices would’ve made any difference. I can help you with that.

It wouldn’t.


It was never about price.

You’ve missed a vital part of the sales psychology and it’s just cost you.

D.I.S.C. profiling is a vital element of any relationship if you are to be taken seriously and understanding the basics doesn’t have to be difficult.

It does require practice and some quick thinking to get it right and given that all of us have all of the four D.I.S.C. elements in our character in various amounts, you have to look for signs that will quickly give you a clue as to how your prospect is built.

Let me use myself as an example;

On the D.I.S.C. profiling scale, my dominant characteristic is that of an ‘I’.

Yes, I have D, S and C too, but my DOMINANT element is that of an ‘I’.

What this means, simply, is that before I will do ANY kind of business with you, I want to get to know you a bit. We can talk business in a while, but tell me what you like to do at the weekend?, What sports do you like?, What music?. In other words, I like to chat and I want a warm, relaxed, friendly relationship with my suppliers. I want to feel I know you a bit before I can trust you. It’s neither right or wrong, it’s just how I’m hard-wired and there is nothing I can do about it.

So, if a salesman comes in to my office and starts banging on immediately about how great he/his company/his product is without first sharing a coffee and a natter, he’s already blown it. I’ve switched off. He could be giving away a free Aston Martin and I wouldn’t hear it. I’m now thinking about where I should take my dog for a walk this evening. And who is this clown?

Ok, Let’s rewind the tape for a second…

So, what should he have done?

He should’ve walked in to my office with a smile and a handshake, accepted my offer of a coffee and having seen my ‘no tie’ relaxed approach, he should’ve (at the first opportunity) allowed me to ask him, ‘Ok mate, so tell me a bit about you. What do you like to do when you’re not working?’ And then just allowed the open conversation to flow for as long as I wanted it to. There is absolutely no rush with me. I’m signing nothing till I feel I know you a little anyway, so be patient. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Some of my best and long serving clients have come about because in some cases, we spent the whole first meeting getting to know each other and didn’t talk shop at all. This for me is a brilliant sign. Despite the fact we haven’t written any business yet, if we’ve chatted and laughed for an hour, trust me, you’re getting the deal. I may not even have asked about price yet. I just know that I can work with you and most importantly, YOU GET ME.

At the next meeting, we’ll complete the paperwork. Fact.

In short, understanding your clients wiring is crucial. In the case of an ‘I’, just let it flow. It will come home, I promise. Conversely, if you’ve identified your client as a ‘D’, then get straight to it. He just wants it done. He will see any idle chatter as counter productive and a waste of time. Consequently, he will get impatient and frustrated and you’ve blown it again.

Learn your D.I.S.C profiling. Learn how to recognise it and most importantly HOW TO RESPOND correctly.

It will genuinely win you so much more business than just ‘dropping your trousers on the price’ at the first sign of a hitch.

So, what DID you do at the weekend? 😉




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